Saxion University of Applied Science Apeldoorn Deventer Enschede


This is a general page of Saxion University of Applied Science.


Saxion is located in 3 places, Apeldoorn, Deventer and Enschede. Enschede is the focus location for engineering. All educations in my responsibilty are located in Enschede. These bachelor diploma degrees are Applied Computer Science (ACS) and Electgrical & Electronic Engineering.

To give a short overview of saxion here you can find some video's


Mp4 drone flight of Saxion Enschede

Mp4 Saxion 2020 education outlook

Mp4 Living technology / 3S Smart Solutions Semester (new name)

Mp4 Tips for international students studying in the Netherlands; Abeje Mersha

Mp4 Twente; the good life region

Mp4 Green Source EPS project


Mp4 Voorlichting eerste jaars studenten (Nederlands)

Mp4 Student information frist years students (English) (will come soon)


Mp4 De ambitie van Saxion

Ppt LED 2018