Intercultural Awareness


Intercultural Awarenss is a course for everybody who want to broaden his/her view on the world.


Literature The Hofstede model in context

Download here the videos of the class and some extra videos


Introduction cultural diversity stereo typing

Mental programming weird or just different?

Extra Mp4 for What is culture

Extra Mp4 for cultural iceberg

The Dutch 1 - Holland vs The Netherlands

The Dutch 2 - study in Holland

The Dutch 3 - 10 things you did not know about The Netherlands

Communication 1 - 10 ways to have a better conversation

Communication 2 - Guestures meanings and cultures

Communication 3 - 10 ways to offend people in other countries

Hofstede Hofstedes cultural dimensions theory

Hofstede Low vs High power distance

Hofstede Me or We

Hofstede Mc Donalds China

Hofstede Mc Donalds Russia

Hofstede Mc Donalds America

Hofstede Japanese lunch

Hofstede Volvo 1980

Hofstede Volvo 2000

Hofstede Happy Denmark

Hofstede America China business 5 examples


China 2017 Sanjiang one class Intercultural competences


Cultures and organisations Hofstede Software of the mind

Intercultureel Communiceren (in Dutch)