Application skills are very important to get an internship place or a final thesis placement. Later in your professional carreer it is needed to get a job.


All information powerpoints and instruction movies are delivered here, you can download it and use it.

Download here


Ppt for DISC personality analysis


Introducton to IP 2018

Ppt for DISC personality analysis IP NETHERLANDS 2018

Ppt for Workshop creativity

Ppt for Literature research

Ppt for Academic writing

Ppt for Report

Ppt for Checklist for report

Ppt for Poster

Ppt for Oral presentation


Assignment for group Droneland

Poster group D1

Report group D1

Presentation group D1

Poster group D2

Report group D2

Presentation group D2

Assignment for group Hydrogen

Poster group H1

Report group H1

Presentation group H1

Poster group H2

Report group H2

Presentation group H2

Assignment for group Sustainabiliy Mobility 2060

Poster group S1

Report group S1

Presentation group S1

Poster group S2

Report group S2

Presentation group S2

Assignment for group Waste water

Poster group W1

Report group W1

Presentation group W1 without movie

Presentation group W1 with movie

Poster group W2

Report group W2

Presentation group W2


Inspiring lecture the future of food


IP 2018 Grading document



Movie First week

Movie Both weeks

Pictures Both weeks in one ZIP file, take your time to download it




Ppt for a good CV and application letter

Mp4 for CV


Ppt for a good job interview

Mp4 for job interview


Ppt for the internship